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Tatine Candles

Woodsmoke Candle by Tatine


A smell that feels like you're sitting around a fire, wrapped in blankets!

Smoky. Warm. Earthy.

The mystical aroma of an autumnal fire burning as smoke gently drifts across the room. A sweet, woody perfume of cedar wood, fir balsam, and fragrant forest resins with kindling and natural clove oils.

Top Notes: Wood & smoke
Middle Notes: Cedar & balsam fir
Bottom Notes: Wet leaves & clove oils 

8 oz. 
60 hour burn time 
Soy wax candle 
Combination of high grade perfumery oils and pure essential oils.

This candle is hand poured in Chicago. The glass vessel is mouth-blown by artisans and can be repurposed into a drinking glass. Each candle is packaged with 100% post-consumer soft cotton paper.


Woodsmoke Candle by Tatine