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Ester & Erik

Saffron Matte Cone Candles by Ester & Erik


Possibly the most beautiful candles we've ever laid eyes on! 

Carefully crafted in Denmark by a family of candle makers, these stunning cone-shaped candles are a staff and customer favourite.

We receive two shipments per year: Spring & Autumn with a different colour variety each season. Always fun to mix and match sizes and colours. 

These candles are non-drip, burn with a beautiful long flame, and complete their burn about 1 inch from the bottom to prevent burning the surface or spilling wax. 

Available in three sizes:
Small: 22.5cm; 13 hour burn
Medium: 34cm; 25 hour burn
Large: 48cm; 55 hour burn

Sold Individually  

Saffron Matte Cone Candles by Ester & Erik