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Yard Etc.

Oakmoss Hand Balm


A rich hand balm that deeply moisturizes the skin! 

This balm delivers a woodsy fragrance that is balanced with green floral notes, taking you on nice walk in a lush forest. 

This rich and nourishing hand balm is the perfect remedy for hands that have been worked a bit too hard in the garden.

Apply after washing, and this balm will penetrate your thirsty skin, leaving your hands soft, smooth and freshly scented again.

Made with natural ingredients including almond oil, shea butter and birch extract. 

250 ml bottle

YARD ETC's products are carefully crafted by garden enthusiasts in Sweden. All their products contain natural ingredients of high quality and wherever possible they have chosen organic components. Contains absolutely no parabens and is definitely not tested on animals.

Oakmoss Hand Balm