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Tatine Candles

Holy Basil Candle by Tatine


Smells just like a basil plant!

Herbal. Fresh. Sweet.

Dark green herbal notes blended with wild meadow grasses, cannabis, and sacred basil. Drops of dark violet oil, anise, and garden mint round out top notes of Absinthe, clove buds, and green vine tomato. A spiritual ceremony; an offering.

Top Notes: Basil, meadow grasses & cannabis
Middle Notes: dark violet oil, anise & mint
Bottom Notes: Absinthe, clove, green vine tomato

8 oz. 
60 hour burn time 
Soy wax candle 
Combination of high grade perfumery oils and pure essential oils.

This candle is hand poured in Chicago. The glass vessel is mouth-blown by artisans and can be repurposed into a drinking glass. Each candle is packaged with 100% post-consumer soft cotton paper.


Holy Basil Candle by Tatine