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Crown Shaving Co.

Hair Grooming Spray by Crown Shaving Co.


Everyone's hair needs some extra shine! 

This lightweight spray is as versatile as it gets; Use it as a pre-styling agent—just before blow drying—for added volume. It also adds pliable texture when worked through dry hair.

Directions: For added volume and texture, spritz evenly onto damp hair directly to the root area and proceed to blow dry and style into place. As a finishing spray, spritz evenly onto dry hair and style into place with hair comb or fingers. Provides a firm pliable low shine hold that wont flake, and cab be reactivated and restyled as needed throughout the day by adding water.

225ml. 8oz.

Crown Shaving Co. was founded by Dino, a Toronto barber from a long lineage of barbers. Dino creates men's products with premium ingredients for sensitive skin types, like himself. 

All of their products are crafted with only the finest ingredients, and they’re all sulphate and paraben-free. Nothing they sell has been tested on animals, nor do they use animal by-products. 

Hair Grooming Spray by Crown Shaving Co.