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Crown Shaving Co.

Hair + Body Wash by Crown Shaving Co.


These body washes double as a hair wash, making showers way, way more efficient!

Original Fragrance: This all over Hair & Body Wash invigorates with the mild tingling effect of Peppermint and provides the anti bacterial properties of Tea Tree. Leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

Deluxe Fragrance: Infused with Crown's world-famous signature scent, too, that way it’ll complement your other Crown products.

16 oz.

Crown Shaving Co. was founded by Dino, a Toronto barber from a long lineage of barbers. Dino creates men's products with premium ingredients for sensitive skin types, like himself. 

All of their products are crafted with only the finest ingredients, and they’re all sulphate and paraben-free. Nothing they sell has been tested on animals, nor do they use animal by-products.

Hair + Body Wash by Crown Shaving Co.