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Well Kept

Agave Exfoliating Cloth


Chuck your plastic loofah for this biodegradable agave exfoliating cloth! 

This agave exfoliating cloth is the perfect way to help soften skin - especially prior to shaving.

Once damp, these cloths are smooth in the hands and soft enough for the face, but depending on how much pressure you apply they provide a gentle or thorough exfoliation for the whole body. With one hand wrapped in the agave cloth, a little soap, and circular motions on the skin you can feel the skin regenerating. They are great for dealing with ingrown hairs, heat rash and oily skin.

Besides being the dream exfoliator for your skin, the story behind them is REALLY cool….

The agave exfoliating cloth is part of a stewardship program that helps to provide in-school lunches to impoverished children in Mexico.

To learn more check out this blog post by well kept:

Hand made from 100% agave fibre
12″ x 14″ - shrinks after first use

Well kept began in Vancouver by two friends who - after a lot of research and product testing - decided to create well kept to provide a superior, more sustainable alternative for women's shaving. 

Agave Exfoliating Cloth