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W&P Design

Set of 2 Porter Dressing Containers


Take your toppings to go!

These reusable, leakproof containers keep dressing and condiments separate until you’re ready to eat, so you can say goodbye to soggy meals. These sleek containers help you cut down on single-use plastic, looking good while they're doing good.

Additional info:

Made of lightweight, BPA-free Tritan plastic and protective silicone, Porter Dressing Containers are safe for storing and freezing food.

Microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

Containers have a leak-proof, silicone lid that snaps on to prevent messy spills — tuck them inside your Porter Bowl or Seal-Tight Bowl and take them to work, school, travel and picnics.

Size: 2.25” x 2.375” x 2.75”

Set of 2 Porter Dressing Containers