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Curated home accessories, vintage gems, and fine in the heart of Cabbagetown.  Located on Parliament Street, Spruce focuses on carrying hand-made decorative items, glassware, textiles and restored vintage pieces.

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Gratitude is Not a Strong Enough Word

kim alke

On February 14th we closed our doors for a little week-long refresh.  We emptied the store to paint the floors, walls and ceilings while we did some restoration to fixtures and (in truth) had a little RnR. 

We were here...

We were here...

While this was going on...

While this was happening...

We re-opened on February 24th looking and feeling refreshed.  Then, sadly, woke up the morning of February 25th to smoke billowing into the building. 

We are so thankful that no one was hurt (pets or people).  But numerous apartments, ours included, were rendered unlivable as were three businesses: Spruce, Pipler Accessories and the 2-4-1 Pizza where the fire originated.  All three of us were forced to shut down until... we weren't sure when.

The generosity from all of you was, and is, overwhelming.  We have been so touched by the support of our neighbours and friends everywhere - but within our little neighbourhood especially.  We had offers for places to stay, we had dinners cooked for us, wine delivered, cards and notes constantly flowing into our virtual and irl inboxes.

We learned more about smoke and soot damage than we ever wanted to know.  We lost 100% of our inventory and struggled to save our large vintage pieces. 

It took four (very long & emotional) months to restore the building.  But, in the end, drywall was replaced, inventory repurchased, vintage fixtures restored and walls painted.

From this... 

To this...

And eventually to this...

We re-opened on Saturday, June 18th.  The morning after an incredibly love-filled party with family, friends & neighbours.  We sipped smoked negronis, ate burnt-marshmallow ice-cream, nibbled BBQ brisket and a few other "smoke-themed" treats to celebrate the end of a few incredible months. 

Incredibly tough, incredibly inspiring, incredibly emotional, and incredibly full of gratitude. 

I am so thankful for everyone who has supported me through this journey.  My partner Faust, my family (Byron, Carol, Kelly & Scotty), my village of friends (Jake, Trevor, Tracy, Claudine, Steve, Ryan, Aefa, Adrian, Jenn, Paula, Zack, Karmen, James, Ryan, Sam, MaryAnn, Gaby, Tanya, Heather, Mia, Shawn, Allan, Patty, Carol, Stephen, Meg, Courtney, Regina, Arshad, Trevor, Tanya (+ the crew) and the many more I've missed.

Thank you so incredibly sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

"The wound is the place where light enters you"